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364. My top five Shakespeare plays: number 2

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Wow. This is the penultimate entry of 365 Days of Shakespeare! Hard to believe! Let’s not waste any time getting down to it!

NUMBER 2: King Lear

Phew. This is one of the big ones. King Lear is one of those plays that intimidates anyone trying to put on a production, whether actors or directors or technicians. How to do the storm? Is Cordelia really such a naive girl, or is she trying to be strategic too – only her way backfires? Don’t forget about the Fool! So much in this play is monstrous in its scale that it can be hard to find people willing to do it. But when you do, it can often be a thrilling experience. I always think of the production from the third season of Slings and Arrows…that’s pretty much how I think it should be done. It is a difficult, heartbreaking show, but one that can be one of those life-changing plays when it’s done right.


Written by Caroline Mincks

September 30, 2010 at 11:19 AM