365 Days of Shakespeare

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356. Top 11 Shakespearean badasses: number 1

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NUMBER 1: Emilia from Othello

You know how sometimes you get stabbed in the gut and yet are still able to keep from bleeding to death long enough to condemn your manipulative, murderous husband? No. No you do not. Because you are not Emilia and you will never be as badass as she is. This woman is the definition of “hardcore”. She doesn’t take any crap from anyone, isn’t afraid to speak her mind, dies trying to defend her mistress’s reputation and accusing her husband for his guilt, and even while dying manages to do just this. Also, she’s a woman. Find me a male character who does this. Okay, Laertes a little, but he was just as guilty as Claudius, whereas Emilia was innocent of any crime. So hats off to you, Emilia, the toughest of the tough, for managing to make us laugh, cry, cringe, and dream of being as totally badass as you are. 


Written by Caroline Mincks

September 22, 2010 at 11:33 PM

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