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320. 10 Plays in 10 Hours

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I’m all for being ambitious with Shakespeare festivals, but this is insane. In a good way. But still: insane.

The San Diego Shakespeare Society is producing an all-day Shakespeare festival in a busy shopping center in hopes of bringing the Bard to the people. Just check out the schedule:

10am    King Henry IV, Part I (United Scholar Academy, Janet Herring/Alex Sandie)
11am   Romeo and Juliet (Intrepid Shakespeare Company, Sean Cox)
Noon     A Midsummer Night’s Dream
(High-Tech High, Linda Libby)
1pm      Macbeth (SDSS, Raymond & Patricia Lynch)
2pm      Othello
(Common Ground Theatre, Monique Gaffney)
3pm      Romeo and Juliet
(Hoover High School, Laura Williams)
4pm      A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Naked Shakespeare Company, Christopher R)
5pm      As You Like It (Carlsbad High School, Monica Hall)
6pm      The Tempest (Olympian High School, Jennifer Schaeffer)
7pm      Twelfth Night
(Point Loma Actors Workshop, Hannah Ryan)

I’m not entirely sure whether this means some performances are simultaneously happening or if they are just really, really stripped down to the basics, but either way – that’s a lofty goal, and I hope they reach it. Also, for The Room fans out there, apparently Chris-R has stopped dealing and has formed a Shakespeare company that is going to perform Midsummer in the nude. That alone is worth flying to California to check out.


Written by Caroline Mincks

August 17, 2010 at 10:00 AM

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