365 Days of Shakespeare

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314. Why Tamara Tunie is awesome.

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Tamara Tunie, known by many as “the pretty coroner lady on SVU“, is playing not one, not two, but three roles in All’s Well That Ends Well. Oh, and she’s producing and directing things left and right and apparently sleeps in “clumps” to keep up with everything. So she is more or less a superhero who uses her powers for artsy.

She really is a talented actress, especially in the way that she takes what could be a rather bland character – the coroner – and makes her someone that a lot of fans of the show look forward to seeing. In 11 seasons – holy cow – she has really developed a secondary character and even earned a couple of episodes that spotlight her.

In All’s Well, she plays the triple threat of duchess, counselor, and widow, three very distinctive roles demanding very different things of her. Anyone who has ever had to play more than one role in a show knows how difficult it can be, particularly when it comes to Shakespeare who isn’t exactly the kind of guy to give a character description anywhere but the text.

So good on you, Tamara Tunie. Keep playing those duchesses and autopsying those bodies. We’ll keep applauding.


Written by Caroline Mincks

August 11, 2010 at 11:28 AM

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