365 Days of Shakespeare

That's right – the Bard in a year.

307. Top five weirdest internet versions of “Hamlet”: Number 2

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Anyone who has seen me “draw” knows that there is a reason I just put that word in quotation marks. I can barely make a stick figure look right. Drawing is definitely not my forte, and I admire anyone who actually can make stick figures look good. Which is why the number two spot for this little countdown goes to…


“Stick Figure Hamlet”

This goofy-looking cartoon actually uses the Shakespearean text to tell the story. So while you’re looking at oddly-shaped stick figures that I’m pretty sure were drawn on Microsoft Paint, you’re still getting Shakespeare’s words, which is a nice balance. Still, I had to put this at the number two spot if for no other reason than the way the ghost was drawn. It looks like a Pac-Man ghost. Which is awesome.


Written by Caroline Mincks

August 4, 2010 at 9:55 AM

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