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190. Shakespeare essay topics, Part II

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More essay topics – these come from the exam I took today in my Shakespeare class! These have to do with Othello, Macbeth, and Coriolanus. I wrote on the second topic, and hopefully it went well!

  1. Othello, Macbeth, and Coriolanus all feature tragic heroes who are soldiers.  Compare and contrast the importance of the soldier hero in the three plays. To what extent does it matter that the heroes are soldiers?  How does that affect their tragic downfalls?
  2. In all three plays we’ve read since the first midterm, the hero is to some extent urged on to his fall by other persons.  To what extent are the heroes then responsible for their own fall?  What do the plays suggest about treachery and personal responsibility?
  3. Although they inhabit very different societies, Lady Macbeth and Volumnia have many intriguing similarities.  Compare and contrast the roles these two women play in the tragedies in which they appear.

Written by Caroline Mincks

April 9, 2010 at 10:21 PM

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