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128. Twelfth Night Drinking Game

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I am a big fan of TV Tropes, and in clicking around randomly, I somehow stumbled across this little tidbit, under the “Drinking Games” section (I’m 22. Why wouldn’t I be there?):

Legitimate Theater Company in New York did Twelfth Night: The Drinking Game. Triggers included drinking when someone praises Olivia’s beauty, whenever there’s Ho Yay, when someone takes a drink onstage, and whenever there’s a coded Shakespearean reference to the vagina.

The New York Times article about it explains it more thoroughly:

The crowd is divided into three parts: the Blue Team, the Red Team and, perversely, Team 3. Blue teammates imbibe whenever the lovelorn Duke Orsino enters and whenever any character’s romantic overture is rejected. The Red Team salutes each appearance of the supercilious Malvolio and swigs whenever someone’s sexuality is threatened. And woe betide your liver if you’re on Team 3. Its members not only toast every glimpse of the hapless Sir Andrew Aguecheek and all mentions of Olivia’s beauty, but they also join in whenever the Red or Blue teams bend an elbow.

Now, I’m not exactly in favor of getting a possibly driving audience totally smashed before the end of the show. However, what a fantastic way to get an audience into the show! Interactivity is so helpful for students in particular. We had M&Ms in place of alcoholic drinks in high school and played “snacking games”, which definitely made it easier and more fun to follow along with complicated plotlines.

May have to look into this when it comes time to study for my Shakespeare exams…though I think it will definitely have to be the snacking game instead of the drinking one!


Written by Caroline Mincks

February 6, 2010 at 9:19 PM

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