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93. Best picture = best title?

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An interesting theory I read about the Oscars: does the Best Picture award go to the movie with the best title?

Consider what the article states in a funny snippet: “…The Greatest Show on Earth would not have beaten High Noon and The Quiet Man if it had been titled The Circus. Million Dollar Baby would not have struck the Oscar jackpot with its original title, Rope Burns.”

The bit that caught my eye, of course, was what was said about Shakespeare in Love:

Shakespeare in Love” (1998) — Another of the great Oscar upsets … the title here was key. The “Shakespeare” was prestigious and adding “Love” was vivacious. In hindsight, it almost seems logical that “Saving Private Ryan” could not have been saved. Interestingly enough, if it hadn’t been “Shakespeare,” another lovely name – “Life Is Beautiful” – might have prevailed.

Now, I’m not entirely sold on this theory, but it is an interesting one…must keep it in mind while watching this year…


Written by Caroline Mincks

January 3, 2010 at 11:45 PM

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