365 Days of Shakespeare

That's right – the Bard in a year.

57. Let me give humble thanks for all at once.

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope the holiday is filled with warmth, happiness, and delicious food!

In honor of the holiday and in honor of Shakespeare, here are a few Shakespearean quotes that could sorta, kinda, in a roundabout way, relate to the day when taken out of context entirely, since, y’know, Thanksgiving wasn’t exactly around at the time:

“Your visitation shall receive such thanks…” Hamlet: II, i (For use when those out-of-town relatives show up.)

“Thou thought’st to help me; and such thanks I give…” All’s Well That Ends Well: II, i (For when someone helps out in the kitchen.)

“The thanksgiving before meat, do relish the petition…” Measure for Measure: I, ii (I forgot this quote even existed! So perfect…)

“The kinder we, to give them thanks for nothing.” A Midsummer Night’s Dream: V, i (You know when your three-year-old cousin comes up with some horrific concoction of whipped topping, green beans, and a generous helping of salt and serves it to you thinking they are a culinary genius? That would be a good time to make use of this tactic.)

“Sit, sit. the gods require our thanks.” Timon of Athens: III, vi (A good prelude to saying Grace.)

“Feasts are too proud to give thanks to the gods.” Timon of Athens: I, ii (Or, you know, you could go this route.)

“I cannot stay thanksgiving.” Love’s Labour’s Lost: II, i (Okay, this is getting a little bit…what’s the Ebeneezer Scrooge character for Thanksgiving?)

And, of course, a great way to end the evening on a grateful note:

“I take my leave with many thousand thanks.” King Henry VI, Part III: III, ii

Again, have a happy and restful Thanksgiving and I’ll be back tomorrow, with leftovers and a new entry!


Written by Caroline Mincks

November 26, 2009 at 5:00 AM

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