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42. Post-Mortem: Two Noble Kinsmen

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Last night, we did our one-night-only performance of Two Noble Kinsmen after only two full-cast rehearsals, missing one of the noble kinsmen to flu (feel better soon, Joe!), some last-minute role-switching, and with most of us still not entirely sure of our cues or blocking. We had scripts in hand, we made spur-of-the-moment character choices, and had just as many surprises as our audience did, as I predicted. I dropped one line out of sheer nerves (and am officially indebted to Amber Wiley forever for magically predicting I would do this and speaking the line before I had even realized I dropped it).

Even so, it felt absolutely right in so many ways.

For the first time in years, I got to go on a stage and say lines in front of people (it’s almost like I’ve been trained for this or something). I got to be a dramatic, wailing, mourning queen, and then got to be a dim country bumpkin. I got to threaten suicide and then get smacked on the behind by my show-husband’s rolled-up plaid shirt while being chased barefoot across the stage. I got to hear laughter at the moment when I was smacked upside the head by said show-husband – sensing a theme here? – and I got to hear applause at the end. I got to take a bow.

Plus, I got to say LINES THAT SHAKESPEARE WROTE. Well, possibly. It could have been that other guy. But I’d like to think that all the lines that my characters said were pure William Shakespeare.

I have to say a few special words about the superhuman Molly Hood. She was our Master of Verse for Much Ado About Nothing, just finished playing Juliet in the Bootleg Romeo and Juliet (in which the actors had no rehearsal together and showed up with their parts memorized to do a one-night-only performance. Kind of like what we did tonight only much, much scarier), and now took on the role of the Jailer’s Daughter, skipping about the stage like a complete lunatic and somehow still being beautiful and poetic while doing it. I need to keep my fingers crossed that I can someday channel her in a performance.

The house was a great size, about 60, which is more than we expected. We raked in over $100 in donations, and everyone really seemed to enjoy it!

I can’t wait to do this again sometime.


Written by Caroline Mincks

November 11, 2009 at 5:26 AM

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