365 Days of Shakespeare

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37. I’m in a play!

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For those in Richmond, please come out on Tuesday night to the Gottwald Playhouse for what may likely be your only chance to ever see Two Noble Kinsmen performed live! Plus, admission cost includes a glass of wine, so how can you possibly turn that down?

Another plus (I guess) is that I’m actually in this thing. On the stage, saying words, in front of people. This is my first time acting in about three years, so I’m terribly nervous and excited. I’ll be playing two small roles, which is fun for me because I like playing multiple roles whenever I can. I’ve been working hard on my vocals, trying to have distinctly different character voices for both parts. Hopefully I’ll be successful!

We will only have three rehearsals (well, two, really, since one is just for the two noble kinsmen themselves) that last just a few hours each, and then boom! Right to the stage.

This is just a small part of an ongoing series of incredible plays being staged in a somewhat impromptu fashion at Richmond Shakespeare, so please be sure to check out as many as possible. I attended the reading of Cymbeline in the spring and had an absolute blast, and will be stage managing the reading of The Lion in Winter which will be presented this December (more on that when the time comes).

I hope to see a packed house this Tuesday night!


Written by Caroline Mincks

November 7, 2009 at 1:52 AM

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