365 Days of Shakespeare

That's right – the Bard in a year.

35. Actually, THIS might be madness.

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I don’t know. We’ll see.

I’m a little behind on my daily ritual of Googling “Shakespeare” and checking out the news results, so finding out that Gerard Butler is going to be joining the cast of the upcoming adaptation of Coriolanus (directed by Ralph Fiennes, which is exciting) was a surprise. Now, I have nothing against Butler, except for it pretty much being his fault for delivering that damn line from 300 in such a way that made everyone quote it at every chance. In fact, I kind of loved him in that Dear Frankie movie. Adorable.

So I’m not saying that this might be madness because of him. I’m sure he’ll be fine. I’m interested to see him tackle Shakespeare, and I’m glad Coriolanus is getting some attention for once. Why do I think this might be madness?

Because there is just absolutely no way that I will be able to watch that movie and not wait for him to shout that line at some point.

Curse you, 300. You are ruining Shakespeare for me.


Written by Caroline Mincks

November 5, 2009 at 9:03 PM

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