365 Days of Shakespeare

That's right – the Bard in a year.

2. Slings & Arrows

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I have recently become completely obsessed with the fantastic Canadian TV show Slings & Arrows. It follows the struggles and triumphs of the New Burbage Festival, a theatre company that produces mainly Shakespearean plays.

Geoffrey Tennant, a brilliant but mentally unstable actor/director, is thrust into the position of artistic director at the New Burbage Festival after the death of the current one (Oliver Welles, who does not exactly disappear after his death). The show follows Geoffrey as he works to create artistically rich productions rather than just shelling out pretty shows like has been done in the past.

The show is brilliantly written, and even those who aren’t terribly familiar with Shakespeare will certainly enjoy themselves. There are plenty of non-Shakespeare jokes for all. It is a very rewarding show, and I have found myself tearing my hair out and celebrating right along with the characters. Highly recommended!

(By the way, if you are at VCU, you can get the DVDs in the media center on the third floor of Cabell. But you’ll have to wait a few days for seasons two and three…they’re with me!)


Written by Caroline Mincks

October 2, 2009 at 10:00 AM

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